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My Sunday Groezrock schedule

Right, I’m off for Groezrock for the very first time, and I’m really excited. I’m only going on Sunday, but the bill is insane.

I should arrive in site near 12.30, obviously missing Jonah Matranga’s signing session. Would have been nice to finally have a chat.

Anyway, here’s my planned schedule. Like every festival, this is subject to change due to various on the spot changes. As you can see, there are many cases of overlapping, so many decisions will be improvised. Major bands (for me) in bold.

1325-1405 MxPx All-Stars (Main)
1330-1410 Anti-Flag (Acoustic) - first bands I can see, and a conflict already. 

1430-1510 Motion City Soundtrack (Main)
1500-1540 Jonah Matranga (Acoustic)
1535-1620 Hot Water Music (Main) 
1620-1705 Architects (Impericon) - or more probably a small break before…

1645-1730 Alkaline Trio (Main)
1730-1820 The Bronx (Impericon) - also MCS sign from 1730 :/
1755-1845 Good Riddance (Main) 

1845-1935 Anti-Flag (Impericon) - wanna see them, but overlap with…

1910-2000 Thrice (Main) - their last European show for a long time
1930-2010 Tommy Gabel (Acoustic) - probably won’t see him but you never know. 

And the annoying thing there is that I’ll have to make difficult choices and/or dashes in the mud from stage to stage all day and THEN, when the day comes to a close, I have about one hour without bands I really wanna see. I guess it’ll be a final food break before

2055-2155 Gorilla Biscuits (Etnies) or Chuck Ragan (Acoustic) 2100-2140 if things get too nasty.

2200-2300 Refused (Main) - Need I say more?

Hopefully I’ll be able to write a review of this madness.

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